Transforming with business architecture_

Organizations are increasingly forced to transform their business operations and to develop the organization accordingly. Such a transformation requires an approach in which coherence is realized between strategy, business operations and organization. Business architecture contributes to such change processes and BIZBOK (Business Architecture Body Of Knowledge®) gives direction to these processes, by connecting different instruments in a balanced way. The Certified Business Architect® masters the approach, backgrounds and tools of BIZBOK and is therefore able to support the transformation in his or her organization.

After this track
  • you have passed the exam for Certified Business Architect®.
  • you have knowledge of the recommended approach for drafting, managing and using business architecture.
  • you have knowledge of a series of techniques and models that you use in identifying the interests and drawing up the business architecture.

You are also familiar with the themes:

  • Business Architecture Core Mapping Knowledge
  • Business Architecture & IT Architecture Alignment
  • Business Architecture Situation & Scenario Usage
  • Business Architecture Extended Mapping Knowledge
  • Business Architecture Alignment with Related Business Disciplines

The track CBA-BIZBOK consists of the following five modules:

Module 1: Overview CBA and exam example

Introduction to the topics and structure of BIZBOK, the Business Architecture Body Of Knowledge and the route to certification. After this introduction, a test exam immediately follows, with which you learn what you still have to learn.

Module 2: Foundation

In this module you will get acquainted with the Business Architecture Framework and how you can use this framework to move from strategy development to feasible plans. You will receive tools with which you can translate the strategy into project initiatives, so that you can then form the project portfolio.

Module 3: Business motivation / strategy

BIZBOK has four primary domains in which business architecture is practiced. In this module you will be given the principles, handles, methods and techniques with which you bring the capabilities, information, value chain and organization in line with the strategic objectives. You will also learn how to classify these domains in this module.

Module 4: Business model

This module elaborates on the various motivators for business architecture. We give you insight into practical experiences, from organizations that merge, outsource and develop new strategies and show how business architecture helps with this. This module also treats your own daily practice as case studies.

Module 5: Business operations

The other domains are discussed in this last module. You will be given the tools, principles and principles for mapping legislation and regulations, stakeholders, etc. The roles in the teams will also be discussed. You will also receive a short checklist for tool selection for business architecture tooling.


Certified Business Architect (CBA®)

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